Electric Winches


The Mile Marker Electric Winch Line offers the off-road enthusiast a traditional alternative to their legendary Hydraulic System. These units were designed and constructed to define value: best performance per pound than any unit in their price range. Their dependable full size winches range from 8,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds in capacity, meaning they have the right winch for your vehicle. Mile Marker winches feature best in class working range line speeds. After years of motor tuning and gear ratio development for performance, Mile Marker turned their focus on creating the best equipped winch in the industry by sealing the units.

The evolution called for a design that can hold up to any element.  Like any tool, a winch spends most of its lifetime sitting on a vehicle unused. As it is exposed to the elements, dormant parts can pit, rust, and corrode, leading to component failure. But when a winch is called to action, regardless of how many times it has been plowed through the mud, how many river crossings it has made, or how many rainy seasons have weathered it….it must be ready to perform. Complete Sealing is crucial to eliminating this problem.

Some winches claim to be weatherproof or sealed, but Mile Marker’s PROJECT ES winches were validated in an independent lab to be sealed to the IP68 Standard, the highest rating on the Ingress Protection (IP) scale for weatherproof sealing. What does that mean? The “Ingress Protection” scale is a universal standard that rates the degree of Solid Particle and Liquid Ingress protection, where the first digit refers to Solid Particles, and the second digit refers to Liquid Ingress.

This winch features 19 seals throughout the assembly to keep any and all contaminants outside of the unit.  The totally redesigned exterior features NO CHROME construction: stainless hardware, black zinc clutch handles, and anodized aluminum tie bars. Each roller fairlead is now coated with Dacromet®, a world-class metal coating known for its anti-corrosion properties.

Mile Marker has also implemented a new submersible solenoid design with marine-grade connections at the Remote Control plug and socket


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